Board of Director

Board of Director

The story of Macons began in the early 90s with our visionary patriarch
Dharmesh Surelia. As a budding professional, brimming with innovative ideas and abreast with all the current know-how of the industry, he was keen on bridging the gap the Indian Construction Equipment market, with high quality, indigenously produced machines. With a strong engineering background, he strived to conceptualize his vision into a strong idea, from which, Macons manifested in the early 2000s as a company that revolutionized the Indian markets with world-class construction equipment. No sooner did we begin our operations, several first-of-their-kind machines started emerging from our full stack set-up. As pioneers in manufacturing Kerbing Machines in India, our equipment brought not only world-class quality, but also much needed value-for-money for our clients to avail.

Our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction, so we want to bring worldclass, tech-rich equipment at affordable rates, hence, our decision to indigenously manufacture them rather than simply import them from foreign manufacturers.

Today Mr. Surelia sits at the helm of Macons, steering every aspect of expansion and growth with his visionary foresight. He continues to forge alliances for the company, with elite names across the globe, not only to cater to global markets, but also to make Indian construction industry, self-sufficient in terms of heavy-duty equipment.

fiorenzo flisi
Dharmesh Surelia

Socage, based in Modena, Italy, produces and sells truck mounted Aerial Working Platforms all over the world. With more than 40 years of experience, Socage is among the top experienced companies in the field.

August 2009 was the turning point: Socage was taken over by Fiorenzo Flisi, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the aerial platform business, with the aim of accelerating the company's growth with strong investments in research and development.

Fiorenzo Flisi joined the world of aerial platforms in 1983. He has achieved many goals since he took over the reins of Socage, including the expansion of its markets all over the world, the production of an "in-house" carpentry and the confirmation of its leadership in Italy and Europe.

Among the future goals? Certainly, to be able to have an annual turnover of over 100 million, looking for a constant technological innovation, cutting-edge products and a wide range of aerial platforms.

fiorenzo flisi
Fiorenzo Flisi